ZeroAir Generator


This series of Zero Air Generators are systems which replace the use of inconvenient high pressure gas cylinders as a source of hydrocarbon-free air.
Eliminate gas cylinders reduces annual operating costs of managing them and reduces the risk of possible injury to workers.
Zero Air Generator may be used as a source of fuel air for Flame Ionization Detectors (FID’s) or as a zero reference for any instrument which measures hydrocarbon concentration.
The zero air generator will remove HC pollutants to less than 0.05 ppm.
This system is engineered to be easy to install and requires only minimal annual maintenance.

Product features

  • Available Flow-rates: 15000 or 30000 cc/min
  • Outlet pressure: 6.5 bars
  • Total Hydrocarbon content: < 0.05 ppm
  • Communication port: RS-485
  • Dimensions: Standard 19” Rack 4U – Deep 40 cm
  • Weight: <15 kg
  • Certification: CE, ISO9001

Main applications

  • THA
  • GC-FID
  • NPD
  • FPD
  • PFPD

Technical specifications

Model: RACK.ZA.15000.V2 RACK.ZA.30000.V2
Air outlet
Flow rate (max) 15.0 l/min 30.0 l/min
Outlet pressure (min) Inlet pressure – 0.5 bars (8 psi) at maximum flow
Outlet pressure (max) 6.5 bars (94 psi)
Total hydrocarbon content < 0.05ppm
Start-up time 50 min
Air inlet
Max inlet hydrocarbon content 100ppm
Min supply pressure 3 bars (43psi)
Max supply pressure 10 bars (145 psi)
Dew point < -20°C
Min temperature 1°C (34°F)
Max temperature 35°C(95°F)
RS485 X
General data
Supply voltage 90-240Vac 50/60Hz
Connection type IEC320-C13
Installation power (max) 240W (280VA)
Fuse rating (5x20mm) 4A
Dimensions Standard 19” Rack 4U – deep 40cm
Net weight < 15 kg
Outlet port 1/8″ female
Inlet port 1/8″ female
Water purge ISO M5 female pipe thread
Health connector max 5A, 40VDC MAX / 24VAC MAX (normally closed)
Operating conditions
Temperature 5-35°C (41-95°F)
Humidity (max, non condensing) 80% at 25°C (77°F)
Noise <25dB(A)
IP rating IP20

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